Warranty and Reclamations

1. The manufacturer guarantees that the product conforms to the requirements of technical specifications provided that the Consumer observes the rules of transportation, storage and operation as set forth by technical specifications and specified in Technical Data Sheet.
2.  Product warranty period is determined in Technical Data Sheet.
3. During the warranty period, the manufacturer shall repair or replace the product and its parts in case of damage for free subject to the Consumer’s observing the rules of transportation, storage and operation set forth in technical specifications and specified in Technical Data Sheet.
4. Warranty repair and replacement of the product shall be carried out at the address:

Russian Federation, 308023, g. Belgorod, ul. Kooperativnaja, 2A
Phone number: +7 (4722) 56-81-81
E-mail: support@livam.ru, quality@livam.ru, livam@livam.ru

5. If the product is sent for warranty repair, operational documentation (Technical Data Sheet) needs to be attached. The product shall not be subject to warranty service if no operational documentation is available.
6. Shipment of products for expert examination purposes shall be carried out at the Consumer’s expense. Should the warranty be accepted, the manufacturer shall reimburse the costs incurred by the Consumer.

Complaint Procedure

1. Complaints shall be possible in case of breakdown of parts, components and other malfunctions of the product.
2. When making a complaint, it is necessary to provide a technical condition report, which must contain:
- serial number of the product;
- date of receipt of the product and the number of document, based on which it was purchased;
- number of product operation hours as from the start of operation;
- cause of failure;
- broken or worn out components or parts;
- findings by commission that has drawn up the failure reasons statement.
No complaint is considered by the manufacturer, if Customer fails to provide the aforementioned documents.

The manufacturer does not consider claims
for parts and assembly units earlier repaired by the Consumer.

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