Electric water distiller DE-40

Brand name: «Electric water distiller DE-40»

Purpose: The device is designed for production of distilled water by heating of raw water to boiling with subsequent condensation of the generated steam resulting in the distillate with a temperature +45°C.
The quality of water produced meets the requirements of:
- GOST 6709-72 "Distilled Water"
- FS.2.2.0020.15 "Purified Water"
The electrical conductivity of distilled water is: < 3.5 µS/cm


- Low relative energy consumption to produce 1 liter of distilled water.
- Low relative water consumption to produce 1 liter of distilled water.
- The conductivity of distilled water is less than required by GOST 6709-72 "Distilled Water".

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Specifications of water distiller DE-40   Dimensions of DE-40 for carrier
Output, liters per hour 40 (-10%)   Number of packages 2
Voltage, V 380   Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 580х540х1160,
Power consumption, kW 26.5   Gross weight, kg 70 (53+17)
Raw water consumption, liters per hour 320 (±10%)   Volume, m3 0.46 (0.36+0.1)
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 560х420х1100   Packing Wooden box
Weight, kg 43      
Warranty 14 months      
Lifetime at least 8 years      


  • Body and main parts are made of high-alloy mirror stainless steel 12X18H10T (AISI 321).
  • Means of heating – electrodes, which ensure the reliability of distiller in case of scale formation. Unlike electric heating elements the electrodes do not burn out from scale.
  • Dismountable design of the condensation chamber for visual monitoring of scale formation, easy removal of scale deposit, easy maintenance and repair.
  • Automatic control of water level in the evaporation chamber.
  • Drops of not distilled water are separated from steam by special unit.
  • A distiller can be combined with a purified water tank into an automatically operating single system.
  • Form factor: distiller is placed on horizontal floor surface.

Safety system:

  • Automatic power shutdown if the water level in the evaporation chamber drops below the allowable level.
  • Automatic maintenance of water amount used for evaporation.
  • Automatic shutdown of the distiller when the water storage tank is full.

Electric water distiller DE-40 is a quality and reliable equipment with consistent high quality of the distillate with the ease of use and minimal maintenance costs!

  • 04/08/16