Bi-distiller BE-4

Brand name: «Electric water bi-distiller BE-4»

Purpose: for production of distilled and bi-distilled water from a source by heating to boiling with subsequent condensation of the generated steam and receiving:
- distillate with temperature from +70°C to +85°C
- bi-distilled water with temperature +40°C
The quality of water produced meets the requirements of:
- GOST 6709-72 "Distilled Water"
- article FS.2.2.0019.15 "Water for Injections"
Electrical conductivity:
- bi-distilled water 1.0-1.2 µs/cm
- distilled water 2.0-3.0 µs/cm

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Specifications of water bi-distiller BЕ-4   Dimensions of BE-4 for carrier
Output (bi-distillate), liters per hour 4.3 (-10%)   Number of packages 1
Output (distillate), liters per hour 5 (-10%)   Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 600х440х440
Voltage, V 220   Gross weight, kg 21
Power consumption (bi-distillation), kW 6.2   Volume, m3 0.12
Power consumption (distillation), kW 3.5   Packing box (corrugated cardboard)
Raw water consumption* (bi-distillation), liters per hour 88      
Raw water consumption* (distillation), liters per hour 36      
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 550х360х400      
Weight, kg 16.5      
Warranty 12 months      
Lifetime at least 5 years      

*at +10, +12°C and pressure 0.2-0.4 MPa

Design features:

  • Production of both distilled and bi-distilled water is possible.
  • Reagents can be placed in the evaporation chamber of the 2nd distillation stage for the implementation of the secondary distillation of the distillate in their presence.
  • Body and main parts are made of high-alloy stainless steel AISI 321 / AISI 304.
  • Design: single unit of stainless steel with adjustable legs for table location. The unit can also be wall mounted.
  • Stainless steel panels protect the operating personnel from thermal burns and contact with the working elements of the machine.
  • Built-in control unit.
  • Dismountable design of condensation chamber allows visual monitoring of scale formation, easy sediment cleaning, ease of maintenance and repair.
  • Built-in cooler chills bi-distillate to a maximum temperature of +40°C.
  • Standard set includes a spare heating element, spare electrode of the water level sensor, supply water hoses and distillate collection hoses, the connecting clamps.
  • Lifetime – at least 5 years, warranty – 12 months, MTBF (Mean time between failures) – at least 3,500 hours.

Relative water consumption for obtaining 1 liter of double-distilled water is 20.5 litres.

Relative power consumption for obtaining 1 liter of double-distilled water is 1.44 kW.

Tubular electric heaters:
- The 1st stage of distillation: heater 3.5 kW 220V (stainless steel) – 1 piece.
- The 2nd stage of distillation: heater 2.7 kW 220V (stainless steel) – 1 piece.

Spare heaters included.

Bi-distiller BE-4 is a quality and reliable equipment with consistent high quality of the distillate producing both bi-distillate and distillate.

  • 04/08/16