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Welcome to "Livam" Company website

manufacturer of distillers, bi-distillers, tanks for purified water storage and distillers with a built-in storage tank.


About company

PF ‘Livam’ is a Russian licensed manufacturer of medical electric water distillers, bi-distillers, reagent grade water (type I and II) generation system (UPVA) (bi-distiller substitute) и tanks for purified water storage. The lineup of products includes:

OOO PF Livam was founded in 1992 and has:

Production is certificated according to International standard of quality system management ISO 9001:2008 ‘Production, sales and service of the equipment for cleaning liquids for industrial, household and medical purposes’.

PF ‘Livam’ products can be seen among the equipment of the majority of Russian establishments and institutions from Kaliningrad to The Far East of Russia and also abroad.

During the years of its functioning, PF ‘Livam’ has been awarded with various diplomas and awards of different international and regional exhibition centers, as well as of city (Belgorod) and region (Belgorod region) administrations:

Engineering personnel of PF ‘Livam’ have won regional competition ‘The engineer of the year’.

According to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 03.02.2015, No. 48, CEO of OOO PF ‘Livam’ Pavel Alexandrovich Litovka was awarded the honorary title "Honored inventor of the Russian Federation".

Development perspectives of PC ‘Livam’ are connected with the realization of new high-quality products, modernization of the current model range of produced facilities, acquisition of new manufacturing equipment and space, as well as search for partners for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Constant development, quality control and taking into account consumers’ wishes form the foundation of long-time life strength and competitiveness of the firm ‘Livam’!

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